Discover SuperCamp

SUPERCAMP is a place where students…

  • Learn how to learn
  • Exceed their own expectations
  • Get excited about life and learning

It is the original academic and life skills camp. Started in 1982, it was the first camp of its kind in the United States. Not your traditional camp and far from a summer school program, SuperCamp uses proven research from the fields of education, neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and adolescent development to create an environment of engaged, joyful, successful learning. It’s a program taught by experts, offering skills that last a lifetime.

Bobbi DePorter, co-founder and president of SuperCamp, and her elite team of educators have changed the lives of over five million kids worldwide through SuperCamp and the Quantum Learning school programs. Author of over a dozen books, Bobbi is acknowledged as a leading authority on effective learning and youth development.

Bobbi’s organization, Quantum Learning Network has partnered with SuperCamp Hong Kong for twenty five years.

Today, more than 78,000 graduates from programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America are part of the SuperCamp family. SuperCamp is recognized as a trusted worldwide leader in enhancing academic, leadership, communication and relationship skills for students.

The SuperCamp Experience

SuperCamp is a highly engaging 5 day experience where students gain academic and life skills training. They will learn how to learn and look at their values and how they’re living their lives. And a hidden gift of SuperCamp is how it helps deepen the positive connection between parent and child.

What, specifically, can SuperCamp do for your son or daughter?

  • Raise Grades
  • Develop Powerful Academic Skills
  • Study Smarter
  • Enhance Writing Skills
  • Take Meaningful Notes
  • Accelerate Memorization Speed
  • Read More Efficiently and Effectively
  • Improve Test Results
  • Improve Social Skills
  • Build Self-Confidence
  • Boost Self-Esteem
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Resolve Differences Quicker
  • Intensify Focus
  • Create Positive Lasting Relationships
  • Enhance Character
  • Increase Motivation

Amazing Results! Here’s why –

The Optimal Learning Environment

SuperCamp uses the proprietary method of teaching and learning called Quantum Learning® that SuperCamp co-founder Bobbi DePorter, and her influential team of educators have developed and refined over the last 35 years.

Quantum Learning is based on three decades of experience designing state-of-the-art strategies, which are grounded in proven research from the fields of education, neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral psychology, and adolescent development. The research is combined with the success with five million students around the world, including over 78,000 SuperCamp graduates.

Every single minute of every day is carefully orchestrated and filled with highly engaging academic and life skills.

Students feel a sense of belonging and participate at a high level. The Quantum Learning advanced teaching methods reach all students and immerse them in interactive learning.

Exceptional Staff

SuperCamp hires the best! The rigorous selection process insures that students will be supported by people who will make a positive difference in their lives. Only the most caring, compassionate, innovative candidates are chosen to be on the team.

Facilitators, the program leaders, are chosen from among the top professional teachers and trainers in the United States. They go through over 300 hours of extensive training in proprietary Quantum Learning methodologies and the effective delivery of the 290 specialized learning techniques that lead to the outstanding results SuperCamp achieves for the students. They are flown into Hong Kong to facilitate the programs. They are experienced and have innate teaching abilities and the talent to inspire and engage students.

U.S. and local team leaders are carefully chosen for their ability to lead, motivate, and connect with youth. Among other responsibilities, they work with the facilitators and help supervise and guide the students. They’re positive role models. They too, go through a rigorous training process to ensure the best camp experience for students. On-site Administrative and logistical staff ensure that SuperCamp runs smoothly.

The student-to-staff ratio of 4:1 ensures that students not only get the focused attention they need, but also will constantly be surrounded by positive, encouraging role models.

Core Belief

All children can excel when learning is meaningful, challenging and joyful.

Genuine Commitment

SuperCamp’s commitment to each and every student is to give them the skills and mindset that create a shift in how they feel about themselves and what they can accomplish.

Commitment to Excellence

Quantum Learning Network consistently measure and improve the program. SuperCamp is accredited by the American Camp Association, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and AdvancED.

The Curriculum

SuperCamp is world-renowned for its academic skills and life skills training. Our summer program can help students increase grades while building their confidence, motivation and the drive to break through barriers that can hold them back in life.

The Curriculum

No other summer enrichment program in the world offers this unique blend of skills that will support your child to succeed not only in school and college, but also in life.

Academic Skills

Quantum Study Strategies
Meet deadlines and improve test results. Tests and grades get better when students identify their personal learning style, learn test-taking skills, study skills, how to set up a great study area, and how to meet deadlines.

Quantum Reading
Read fast, comprehend more, then move on. Learn a powerful reading method that simultaneously increases reading speed and comprehension.

Quantum Writing
Plan, write, polish. Learn to overcome writer's block with fast-writing and clustering, get creative and handle any writing assignment with less stress and better results.

Quantum Note-Taking/Mind Mapping®
Take useful notes that work best for your brain. "Notes:TM" and Mind Mapping work the way our brains picture information. Learn these methods for class lectures, reading assignments, term papers, or presentations.

Quantum Memory
Remember anything, anytime. Learn powerful ways to store and recall vocabulary words, history dates, and other facts using the peg, location, and association methods.

Life Skills

8 Keys of Excellence
The 8 Keys are a set of principles that promote personal excellence, making better choices and creating personal accountability. They are the core of SuperCamp and their meaning and importance are woven into daily activities.

Communication and Relationships
Convey needs, opinions, frustrations and feelings in a positive manner. Learn new tools to communicate clearly, resolve conflicts with family and friends, listen without criticism, and make points heard.

Move outside the comfort zone, applying new communication and interpersonal skills and learn what makes a good leader. Learn leadership techniques that can be applied in school situations and in other aspects of the student’s life, from sports to clubs and groups.

Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving
Identify and find solutions to problems, to think bigger and more creatively, set realistic goals.

Breaking Through Personal Barriers
Bust out of self-imposed limitations and fears. Students are challenged physically and mentally to break through barriers that block their success.

Motivation and Goal-Setting
As students learn to break through barriers, they also gain confidence in their ability to give 100% in every task and become more motivated to tackle new challenges. They will explore the value and process of setting personal goals in several impactful exercises toward the end of camp.

Junior Forum
(For ages 10-12, entering Grade 5-7/Year 6-8)

Understand yourself and grow!

In this 5-day residential program, students will learn academic skills to ease school stress, help raise grades and be given solid strategies to increase test scores. Courses challenge the students to think at a higher level. Life skills courses show students ways to discover their strengths, pursue goals, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. They'll focus on self-expression, trust in others, and maintaining their individuality and integrity. Students learn creative-thinking skills and ways to develop plans and solutions. Small group discussions provide peer perspectives and interaction on academic and life choices.

Junior Forum Leadership Team
(For ages 13-14, entering Grade 8-9/Year 9-10)

Master your future!

The Leadership Team is a special team in the Junior Forum program. Students will not only learn the Junior Forum curriculum but will also be provided opportunities to develop and enhance their leadership, interpersonal and self-management skills.

A Typical Day (for Junior/ Senior Forum's schedule)

7:30 am Wake up - students get ready for a new day of fun and learning.
8:00 am Breakfast with team members - students start the day with a hearty meal for lots of energy.
8:30 am 8 Keys of Excellence - students learn the character building values of the Key of the day.
10:00 am Academic skills - students acquire valuable strategies that can be applied successfully to any subject.
12:30 pm Lunch - and a bit of downtime.
1:30 pm Mystery Words - students discover creative ways to learn new vocabulary words. Team Time - connection time with teammates to learn about trust, relationships, and team support. Academics continue - more strategies for learning smarter.
3:30 pm Break - students participate in activities such as basketball, table tennis, soccer, arts and crafts, games etc.
6:00 pm Dinner - everyone's hungry after a busy learning and growing day!
7:00 pm Life skills – students explore interpersonal relationships and learn communication, creative thinking, and goal-setting skills.
9:45 pm Team Time – time for reflection as students share stories and insights from the day.
10:00 pm Let It Go - closing words, announcements, sharing thoughts, and music.
10:30 pm Lights out - time for a good night's sleep before another excellent day!

more or less…


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Our participants are similar to those in a typical classroom. While students' grades range from straight A's to failing, the majority are somewhere in between. We believe everyone possesses enormous potential and can be successful in school and in life – if given the tools and confidence to learn and grow. High achievers tell us they appreciate gaining learning skills that reduce their study time, refine communication strategies, and life skills that enhance their relationships. Students who are struggling due to low motivation, self-esteem and/or poor grades will discover new techniques to help them hurdle the barriers that blocked their progress in the past.

High achievers tell us they appreciate gaining learning skills that reduce their study time, refine communication strategies, and life skills that enhance their relationships. Students who are struggling due to low motivation, self-esteem and/or poor grades will discover new techniques to help them hurdle the barriers that blocked their progress in the past.

Students benefit at all ages. In fact, there's so much to learn, we recommend students attend all levels, learning new skills and gaining new insights each time. We encourage students to move through each camp program, continuously building on their Quantum Learning skills, to help with middle school and high school or primary and secondary school.

Unlike most summer camp programs, we have the students "24/5", twenty-four hours a day for five days in an orchestrated learning environment that uses a very specific design frame. A prime directive of SuperCamp is that we seek to get into the students' world and understand them, which builds trust and earns us the right to teach. Throughout the five days, we build on mini-successes, so by the end of the camp we are celebrating the students' successes.

Our camp is an academic and life skills program. The following will be covered:

Academic Skills: Reading, Writing, Mind-Mapping (note-taking) and memory skills
Life Skills: Communication, Relationships, and Creative Problem-solving
Leadership Skills: communication, teamwork, mentoring, goal-setting, personal motivation, leadership styles. (Junior Forum-Leadership Team)

Our US facilitators will conduct the camp in English. There hasn't been a problem with comprehension or language. We hire local bilingual team leaders who can translate for the students if they have questions. We also have a roughly 50/50 ratio of kids who speak English as a second language and kids who are native English speakers so your kids won't have any problems meeting new friends.

Except for Day 1 (Registration Day), Day 4 or Day 5 (Outdoor Adventure) and Day 10 (Graduation)

7:30 am Wake up time
8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Academic skills session
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Team activities session
4:30 pm Afternoon activities
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Life skills session
10:30 pm In bed, Lights out

The schedule is not set hard - it may be flexible because the facilitators may decide to change the time to suit other activities.

We will take from 30-48 students.

We try to create a mixture of students for each team - e.g. students from different schools, different countries, language, age, and gender. Team mates of the same gender will also room together. We prefer to have pre-camp friends on different teams so that students will socialize with others rather than stick to their own friends. There will be plenty of opportunities for pre-camp friends to get together during camp.

We rent our venue from Noah's Ark Hong Kong located on Ma Wan Island. All the facilities are air conditioned. You can visit the venue's website:

Yes, team leaders will room in the same dormitory and same floor as the students. During the lights out period, team leaders ensure the students are safe in their rooms and sleeping. Students know which rooms their team leaders are in and know that they are accessible at all times. In addition, there is a team of security guards monitoring the venue 24 hours a day.

IIn addition, there is a team of security guards monitoring the venue 24 hours a day.

The venue has on-site catering providing balanced and nutritious meals every day. There will also be several special meals such as a graduation dinner. We ask parents to let us know if their child has any special dietary needs.

Most days from about 3:30pm – 5:30pm, students will be able to choose a sport or activity to participate in. It is their supervised free time. They can choose from sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton, ping pong, or join an arts and crafts session, play board games, or even read in a quiet corner.

We will have one day off campus on either Day 4 or Day 5 depending on which camp. We arrange buses to bring the students and staff to a ropes course venue to participate in a day of outdoor challenges and ropes events similar to Outward Bound. The events will be run by a professional ropes events company. It is the most talked about day and usually the highlight of the program.

We usually will have around 5-10 students from overseas in each camp. These students usually attend international schools in China, USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.

PParents think as highly of our SuperCamp staff as their kids and we do. And with good reason. The people we hire are enthusiastic, supportive and committed to positively impacting lives. The great majority of the camp's staff are Education majors or graduates. Not surprisingly, most of the staff return year after year because they enjoy the experience of working with successful people in a dynamic accelerated learning program.

Facilitators, the most visible leaders at SuperCamp, are chosen from among the top professional teachers and trainers in the United States. Hundreds of applicants go through our selection process and only a few are chosen to train with SuperCamp. Many of our Facilitators have advanced degrees and, more importantly, all have a natural ability to engage every student and bring out their personal greatness. Facilitators receive 200-300 hours of on-site training in Quantum Learning methods before they direct the summer camp program.

Our team leaders are compassionate, enthusiastic, and positive role models for children and teens. They also receive more than 40 hours of intensive training prior to the programs. They are carefully interviewed and selected and from top universities in Hong Kong, United States and England. Our local team leaders speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

The student to staff ratio is at least four-to-one. Students are assigned to teams, headed by two team leaders. One team leader is from the United States and one team leader is from Hong Kong. Among other responsibilities, team leaders help supervise and support the students and are assigned to the same dormitories, providing 24-hour assistance.

We follow the US curriculum. The only difference would be that sometimes the content taught may not be relevant to kids living in Asia such as using the memorization tool to memorize the US presidents or the US capitals. We would change that content to memorizing the Asian capitals of the top Asian countries. Therefore, the academic skills and life skills we teach are exactly the same but the content that we use will be relevant to Asia.

Parents are invited to attend a Parent Program and Closing Ceremony on the last day of the program. On that day facilitators will brief parents on what the kids learned over the five days. After the program, students will join their parents for the Closing Ceremony.

Students can be reached at any time through the SuperCamp/Noah's Ark office number which will be provided after registration. Since the camp is only 5 days, we recommend that parents allow their children to enjoy the camp with no mobile phone distractions.


You have to go, it is one of the best camps I have been to. It is fun, exciting and worth the money. (K. Chan, 16)

SuperCamp can let you learn more strategies to improve your grades and meet new people.  (B. Kwok, 16)

This camp teach you so much and inspires you so much.  (A. Lau, 16)

You won't regret it at all.  (J. Shek, 16)

SuperCamp is educational, welcoming and very friendly. If you would like to have an unforgettable summer, join SuperCamp.  (R. Sung, 16)

Be prepared to learn knowledge that you won't learn anywhere else.  (R. Fung, 16)

It won't seem so fun at first but as each day passes, the camp will only get better. (A. Cole, 16)

It might be boring at first but you will like it by the end and you will miss your team.  (J. Lung, 16)

It is awesome as you can learn essential values, studying techniques.  (T. Chiang, 16)

It is the best camp ever! You can learn things there and in the other hand have lots of fun.  (C. Pak, 16)

It is amazing. You can play games, sports and learn a lots.  (N. Mak, 16)

From SuperCamp, I am not only learned about communication with others but also myself.  I learned a lot of new things and having fun.  I enjoyed my stay and freedom and I will miss this camp a lot.  (S. Sau, 15)

I’ll say SuperCamp makes you be a better person.  (M. So, 15)

“It’s been a great 10 days and it’s worth coming to this camp.”  (W. Lu, 15)

This SuperCamp was the awesome camp I ever had!!!  (R. Liang, 15)

I have learned a lot of useful things in a fun and interesting way.  (H. Chung, 15)

I felt that I was supported in this experience and its very fun.  (L. Li, 15)

SuperCamp is the best!  I’ve been here twice and I love it!  (J. Chan, 15)

Thanks for all the teachers for helping me learn and grow.  ( T.Mak, 15)

Even it was only 8 days, we had a lot of FUN!   (J. Tcheng, 15)

This is my fourth time at camp. And it’s the best one.  (E. Lai, 15)

I learned many things that I can use outside of the camp.  (H. Sitt, 15)

I have enjoyed being at SuperCamp and it has taught me valuable things. (CC Chirametakorn, 15)

People I met including my friends and TLs have been great. (B. Lee, 15)

SuperCamp is a cool, fun and educational camp which you can learn about relationships, strategies, academic and have fun.  (N. Kongsubto, 15)

A bit too expensive but it’s worth it and I don’t regret it.  (P.W. Yip, 15)

“It was amazing! I will remember this  my whole life!”  (J. Alam,  15)

“I think SuperCamp is the best camp in the world.” (L. Chen, 15)

Just go for it!  It’s worth every minute.  (Z. Bencharit, 15)

SuperCamp is a place life Hogwarts. It contains magical elements.  (H. Yau, 15)

It might be scary, but if you go out of your comfort zone then you will find great friends.  ( R. Li, 15)

SuperCamp has really changed my outlook on life and I'm definite all the tools I've learned will stick with me forever.  (K. Lee, 14)

I love it! It's been a very inspirational experience for me! (S. Lau, 14)

It was fun because there were always funny skits throughout the day. (E. Ng,14)

I knew a lot of new friends and different useful strategies. (V. Wat,14)

I leant about how I can improve my life by live under the 8 keys. (M. Li,14)

The best and most organized camp and making learning fun.  (C. Lam, 14)

SuperCamp is a very memorable thing in my life, it might seem a long time away from home but it's way worth it. I LOVE SuperCamp. (J. Chan,14)

I have gain a lot of confidence over 10 days! (J. Wong,14)

Without SuperCamp I would still be shy, don’t know what to answer to bullies and I would not have a good grade in note-taking in school. Rope Climbing and Fimage won’t hold me back. I didn’t believe that I go that high and I impressed myself. Before I didn’t dare do anything because of Fimage and now that I know that it’s fimage holding me back.  I don’t care I just go for it and be happy in my learning zone.  (M. Kuhl, 13)

The best camp I have ever been to, I’ve never been more confident in speaking.  (S. Li, 13)

Everyone is humor & enthusiastic reactions.   It enlightens me and makes me feel enthusiastic.  (C. Lim, 13)

Meeting people and learning how to learn again.   Since I’m a quiet person, I got to step out of my learning zone and stretch my space and also how to make school and studying on enjoyable experience. (J. Shi, 13)

SuperCamp is: the spirit, the energy, the positivity and the encouragement.  Useful for the entire life, believe in myself and live life to the fullest. (R. Wong, 13)

I loved every minute!  I’m planning to come back in 2015.  (I. Rogers, 13)

SuperCamp teach us how to be a good learner.  This really helps because it helps students that struggle in class.  (C. Yeung, 13)

SuperCamp was one of the best camps I even went. It is both challenging and can help you succeed in life.  (C. Yu, 13)

It is balanced. We have some academics, some personal and some physical activity.  (E. Cheng, 13)

It's a totally unique experience compared to other camps, it's really worthwhile! (J. Lamb, 12)

It's the best camp! Everybody is very welcoming and the things you learn are really useful! I was hesitant to come, but ended up loving it!. (A. Wong, 12)

This isn't just any normal camp, it has so much fun in it, while still letting you learn so much. (Y. Chen, 12)

Joining SuperCamp can learn lots of amazing things. Not just academic but also relationship with family or rejection. (M. Chan, 12)

OMG. It's so amazing. You'll regret if you don't go!!! Everything rocks! (P. AuYeung, 12)

You will learn more then you ever imagined. (A. Choi, 12)

SuperCamp is filled with a creative energy and amazing people, A once-in-a-lifetime experience! "This is it". (L. Yip, 12)

The dancing, cheering, exciting atmosphere. I’ve never been to another place with the same energy level and it feels great and has made me more confident. (S. Lin, 11)

SuperCamp has been the most organized and enjoyable camp experience I have ever had. (J. Tsang, 11)

The people and environment. Because the people are so un-judgmental here and it is a warm and fun environment. (A. Chow, 11)

The 8 keys. I like it because when I get out of SuperCamp I will use the 8 keys more than anything they ever teach us. (M. Feliz, 11)

Meeting new friends, I never made a lot of friends and I take a long time before I trust them but in SuperCamp the activities helped. (C. Ng, 11)

It's a special camp that makes me think about things I usually wouldn't. (M. Tonge, 11)

The atmosphere. It was an incredibly cheerful experience that you simply cannot get anywhere else. (B. Lim, 11)

I really like the team circle time. It's the time we all get to express ourselves with the people we trust. (V. Tsuei, 11)

It was very interesting and it helped me discover myself. (A. Lee, 11)

I feel like I've had the ten best days in my life! (H. Leong, 11)

Dance Party!!!! Really took a lot of energy out of me, but get me smiling after the process! (R. Tin, 11)

Unforgettable experience, especially day 5. Team time, I enjoy sharing my feelings to my team as I'm familiar with them and they're like a family to me. The more we know about each other the closer we get and will be more supportive. (S. Chan, 11)

Most awesome camp I've been to, hope it turns into a school. You will regret if you don't go! (H. Tao '10)

Extremely inspiring and motivating. Trust and bonding between teammates. I felt supported. (R. Tong '10)

Things taught are very meaningful and useful to school. Definitely learn and gain a lot. Best Experience! (V. Ko '10)

SuperCamp made me grow up and mature. My second family! (C. Shum ’08)

The Best camp I’ve ever been to. Definitely the best experience. (C. Chan ’08)

Inspiring, powerful, explosive, emotional, fulfilling-all in one. (W. Lee ‘08)

SuperCamp is a life-changing, educational and great program. (K. Chan ‘08)

It was free and not as tough as I thought. Because we have many breaks and songs to sing at night. (A. Lau ‘09)

Academics, Personal and Physical events. It helps me a lot in my social, school and sports life. I learned a lot especially the academic events. (R. Tsao ‘09)

I love how everyone is open. It’s easier to open up and be yourself in this situation. (N. Singh ‘09)

Learning all the strategies so I can use them when I go home. (L. Loo ‘09)

The life skills and the messages. People never get a chance to think about those things normally. (N. Lo ‘09)

How we bond as a team after 9 days. It is interesting to see how things could change in 9 days. (E. Law ‘09)

The Team Leaders are really great. They do everything with enthusiasm. (A. Yu ‘09)

The million breaks. I can chat freely. (E. Chow ‘09)

Many activities. Because I like some activities that can make me feel stronger/ brave. (K. Chan ‘09)

All the activities. Not a minute is wasted, we learn to make the most of every second. We were always occupied with fun things. (K. Cheng ‘09)

The different ways of learning because the way SuperCamp memorize things works. (V. Chan ‘09)

Parent-child relationship part. I understood it’s important. (Y. Kong ‘09)

I liked Day 5-Outdoor Adventure Day. It helped my fear of heights. (K. Saw ‘09)

The positive attitude and positive atmosphere. (A. Wong ‘09)

I learned a lot and made new friends. The skills I learned can be applied to my life. (N. Yim ‘09)

Outdoor activities. Every challenges throughout the camp. These challenges makes me grow a bit and I really enjoy them. (J. Poon ‘09)

Life skills sessions. It made me think about how I have treated myself and others. (J. Lo ‘09)

The experiences! It’s fun, and you learn lessons about life! (A. Wong Appel ‘09)

The enthusiasm. Never heard or saw it before. (W. Ni ‘09)

We can learn many different types of strategies. We learn 8 different keys and we can do those at home, at school or anywhere. (C. Ko ‘09)

It changed my attitude to life. It makes me to talk with less fear. (R. Ho ‘08)

It is a supporting environment. Without that support I wouldn’t be who I am today. (J. Lagoutte ‘08)

I had experienced many things that I had never done before. It is worth coming. I love SuperCamp. (Z. Chan ’08)

I had the BEST time ever!!! (M. Williams ’08)

Impossible to be so great in SuperCamp! I learn sooo much that my parents can’t teach me. (V. Wong ’08)

It’s worth more than a vacation to the USA. (C. Lu ’08)

Feels like big family, really happy everyday. It’s really fun, exciting and definitely worthwhile. The stuff you learnt are all useful and realistic. (J. Fung ’08)

The best camp I’ve ever been in; I’ve been in 6-7 weeks camps and they are nothing compared to SuperCamp. (S. Hu ’08)

I learned so much, made new friends, and it was great! (PJ Chung, ‘07)

The Outdoor Adventure Day was so fun and was a great new experience for me. It’s really fun and worth going. (K. Chan, ‘07).

Everyone’s cheerful and we learn things in a fun way. It is cool. (M. Chu, ‘07)

Very good camp, surpassing my expectations. One of the best, most useful and practical camps I’ve been to, very well-balanced. (J. Chan, ‘07)

I like the team games the best because we get to work together and build the trust between us. SuperCamp is great. It’s really fun and you get to learn all these amazing tools. The staff are great too. (J. Li, ‘07)

SuperCamp is really meaningful because of the 8 keys. They are now the keys of my life. (C. Wong, ‘07)

It was really fun learning a lot of new things. I liked making new friends. The staff were really funny. (S. Sham, ‘07)

I learned more about myself. (K. San, ‘07)

It’s really good. They teach you things that you’ll never learn at school. (J. Phaoenchoke, ‘07)

SuperCamp is the best experience you will ever have because SuperCamp is really SUPER!! I have learned so much from this experience, and I am glad that I had this wonderful opportunity. (F. Suria, ‘07)

We are like a big family. Everybody knows everyone. Go to SuperCamp. It’s full of surprises!! (B. de Casteja, ‘07)

I tried things I never dreamt of. I stepped outside my comfort zone. You can learn better ways to do better at school. (I. Loong, ‘07)

We learn about positive attitude. It is imperative in life. You can learn and have a lot of fun at the same time. (L. Huang, ‘07)

I’ve learned so many useful things. Opportunity to make new friends!! (E. Bulakul, ‘07)

It’s great fun, worthwhile and you will meet amazing people. (J. Shek, ‘07)

SuperCamp is awesome. You surely will know more about yourself and explore the real world. (J. Lee, ‘07)

It was fun and active. It cheered me up. (H. Ngai, ‘07)

You can learn lots of important life skills in SuperCamp. Also, you can improve your English. (F. Yim, ‘07)

The staff are very energetic and motivated. It makes me get interested and started to join and enjoy the camp. (A. Ma, ‘07)

SuperCamp changed me a lot! Though it is pretty expensive, you can learn lots of things like life skills, academic skills, English and meet friends …in SuperCamp!!!! (A. Lau, ‘07)

I feel good! Oh, I feel so good! Oh I feel so, Oh I feel so, oh I feel so good!!! (M. Wong, ‘07)

Awesome! Remarkable memories in my life! (K. Tsang, ‘07)

Strategies are very useful in school and I’m sure it’ll raise my grades. (R. Chu, ‘07)

It was creative and fun. There are many ways to learn. (C. Wong, ‘07)

It’s an amazing experience and like no other summer camp I’ve been to. (N. Yu, ‘07)

The best camp in the whole entire universe! Amazing. It is a must-go camp. It’ll be a humongous loss if you don’t go. (L. Yip, ‘07)